Beast - Music Synthesizer and Composer  0.11.1+10.g2da35
bseengineutils.hh File Reference
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void _engine_free_trans (BseTrans *trans)
BseOStream * _engine_alloc_ostreams (guint n)
void _engine_recycle_const_values (bool remove_all)
void _engine_node_collect_jobs (EngineNode *node)
void _engine_mnl_remove (EngineNode *node)
void _engine_mnl_node_changed (EngineNode *node)
void _engine_mnl_integrate (EngineNode *node)
EngineNode * _engine_mnl_head (void)
guint64 _engine_enqueue_trans (BseTrans *trans)
BseTrans * _engine_collect_trans (void)
void _engine_wait_on_trans (void)
BseJob * _engine_pop_job (gboolean update_commit_stamp)
gboolean _engine_job_pending (void)
void _engine_set_schedule (EngineSchedule *schedule)
void _engine_unset_schedule (EngineSchedule *schedule)
EngineNode * _engine_pop_unprocessed_node (void)
void _engine_push_processed_node (EngineNode *node)
SfiRing_engine_pop_unprocessed_cycle (void)
void _engine_push_processed_cycle (SfiRing *cycle)
void _engine_wait_on_unprocessed (void)