Beast - Music Synthesizer and Composer  0.11.1+10.g2da35
bsefilter.hh File Reference
#include <bse/bsemath.hh>
#include <bse/bseenums.hh>
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struct  BseIIRFilterRequest
struct  BseIIRFilterDesign
struct  BseIIRStage
struct  BseIIRFilter




bool bse_iir_filter_design (const BseIIRFilterRequest *filter_request, BseIIRFilterDesign *filter_design)
BseIIRFilterbse_iir_filter_new (const BseIIRFilterDesign *filter_design)
void bse_iir_filter_change (BseIIRFilter *filter, const BseIIRFilterDesign *filter_design)
void bse_iir_filter_eval (BseIIRFilter *filter, uint n_values, const float *x, float *y)
void bse_iir_filter_free (BseIIRFilter *filter)
const gchar * bse_iir_filter_kind_string (BseIIRFilterKind fkind)
const gchar * bse_iir_filter_type_string (BseIIRFilterType ftype)
gchar * bse_iir_filter_request_string (const BseIIRFilterRequest *filter_request)
gchar * bse_iir_filter_design_string (const BseIIRFilterDesign *filter_design)
gchar * bse_iir_filter_string (const BseIIRFilter *filter)
bool _bse_filter_design_ellf (const BseIIRFilterRequest *ifr, BseIIRFilterDesign *fid)