Beast - Music Synthesizer and Composer  0.11.1+10.g2da35
bseglue.hh File Reference
#include <bse/bsetype.hh>
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typedef SfiRec *(* BseGlueBoxedToRec) (gpointer boxed)
typedef SfiSeq *(* BseGlueBoxedToSeq) (gpointer boxed)


SfiGlueContext * bse_glue_context_intern (const gchar *user)
GType bse_glue_pspec_get_original_enum (GParamSpec *pspec)
guint bse_glue_enum_index (GType enum_type, gint enum_value)
GValue * bse_glue_boxed_to_value (GType boxed_type, gpointer boxed)
GValue * bse_value_to_sfi (const GValue *value)
GValue * bse_value_from_sfi (const GValue *value, GParamSpec *pspec)