Beast - Music Synthesizer and Composer  0.11.1+10.g2da35 File Reference
#include "bsejanitor.hh"
#include "bsemain.hh"
#include "bseglue.hh"
#include "bseserver.hh"
#include "bsecontainer.hh"
#include "bseprocedure.hh"
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BseJanitorbse_janitor_new (SfiComPort *port)
void bse_janitor_set_procedure (BseJanitor *self, const char *script_name, const char *proc_name)
const charbse_janitor_get_ident (BseJanitor *self)
void bse_janitor_progress (BseJanitor *self, float progress)
void bse_janitor_add_action (BseJanitor *self, const char *action, const char *name, const char *blurb)
void bse_janitor_remove_action (BseJanitor *self, const char *action)
void bse_janitor_trigger_action (BseJanitor *self, const char *action)
BseJanitorbse_janitor_get_current (void)
void bse_janitor_close (BseJanitor *self)
void bse_janitor_kill (BseJanitor *self)



Function Documentation

void bse_janitor_progress ( BseJanitor self,
float  progress 
selfjanitor object
progressprogress value

Signal progress, progress is either a value between 0 and 1 to indicate completion status or is -1 to indicate progress of unknown amount.

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