Beast - Music Synthesizer and Composer  0.11.1+10.g2da35
bsestorage.hh File Reference
#include <bse/bseobject.hh>
#include <bse/gsldefs.hh>
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struct  BseStorageBlob
class  BseStorageBlob::Blob
struct  BseStorageBlob::Data
struct  BseStorageClass


#define BSE_STORAGE(object)
#define BSE_STORAGE_CLASS(class)
#define BSE_IS_STORAGE(object)
#define BSE_IS_STORAGE_CLASS(class)
#define BSE_STORAGE_GET_CLASS(object)
#define BSE_STORAGE_COMPAT(self, vmaj, min, vmic)
#define bse_storage_scanner_parse_or_return
#define bse_storage_scanner_peek_or_return
#define bse_storage_error(s, ...)
#define bse_storage_warn(s, ...)
#define bse_storage_warn_skip(s, ...)
#define bse_storage_get_scanner(s)
#define bse_storage_unexp_token(s, et)
#define bse_storage_push_level(s)
#define bse_storage_pop_level(s)
#define bse_storage_break(s)
#define bse_storage_putc(s, c)
#define bse_storage_puts(s, b)
#define bse_storage_printf(s, ...)


typedef void(* BseStorageRestoreLink) (gpointer data, BseStorage *storage, BseItem *from_item, BseItem *to_item, const gchar *error)




void bse_storage_compat_dhreset (BseStorage *self)
void bse_storage_compat_dhmixf (BseStorage *self, gfloat mix_freq)
void bse_storage_compat_dhoscf (BseStorage *self, gfloat osc_freq)
void bse_storage_compat_dhchannels (BseStorage *self, guint n_channels)
void bse_storage_reset (BseStorage *self)
void bse_storage_prepare_write (BseStorage *self, BseStorageMode mode)
void bse_storage_turn_readable (BseStorage *self, const gchar *storage_name)
Bse::Error bse_storage_input_file (BseStorage *self, const gchar *file_name)
void bse_storage_input_text (BseStorage *self, const gchar *text, const gchar *text_name)
GTokenType bse_storage_restore_item (BseStorage *self, gpointer item)
void bse_storage_store_item (BseStorage *self, BseItem *item)
void bse_storage_store_child (BseStorage *self, BseItem *item)
const gchar * bse_storage_item_get_compat_type (BseItem *item)
void bse_storage_putf (BseStorage *self, gfloat vfloat)
void bse_storage_putd (BseStorage *self, gdouble vdouble)
void bse_storage_putr (BseStorage *self, SfiReal vreal, const gchar *hints)
void bse_storage_put_param (BseStorage *self, const GValue *value, GParamSpec *pspec)
void bse_storage_put_item_link (BseStorage *self, BseItem *from_item, BseItem *to_item)
void bse_storage_put_data_handle (BseStorage *self, guint significant_bits, GslDataHandle *dhandle)
void bse_storage_put_blob (BseStorage *self, BseStorage::BlobP blob)
void bse_storage_put_xinfos (BseStorage *self, gchar **xinfos)
Bse::Error bse_storage_flush_fd (BseStorage *self, gint fd)
void bse_storage_error_str (BseStorage *self, const std::string &string)
void bse_storage_warn_str (BseStorage *self, const std::string &string)
GTokenType bse_storage_skip (BseStorage *self, const std::string &string)
GTokenType bse_storage_parse_param_value (BseStorage *self, GValue *value, GParamSpec *pspec)
GTokenType bse_storage_parse_item_link (BseStorage *self, BseItem *from_item, BseStorageRestoreLink restore_link, gpointer data)
void bse_storage_add_restorable (BseStorage *self, BseObject *object)
void bse_storage_finish_parsing (BseStorage *self)
GTokenType bse_storage_parse_data_handle (BseStorage *self, GslDataHandle **data_handle_p, guint *n_channels_p, gfloat *mix_freq_p, gfloat *osc_freq_p)
gboolean bse_storage_match_data_handle (BseStorage *self, GQuark quark)
GTokenType bse_storage_parse_data_handle_rest (BseStorage *self, GslDataHandle **data_handle_p, guint *n_channels_p, gfloat *mix_freq_p, gfloat *osc_freq_p)
GTokenType bse_storage_parse_xinfos (BseStorage *self, gchar ***xinfosp)
GTokenType bse_storage_parse_rest (BseStorage *self, gpointer context_data, BseTryStatement try_statement, gpointer user_data)
GTokenType bse_storage_parse_blob (BseStorage *self, BseStorage::BlobP &blob)
gboolean bse_storage_check_parse_negate (BseStorage *self)
void bse_storage_blob_clean_files (void)

Function Documentation

GTokenType bse_storage_parse_item_link ( BseStorage self,
BseItem from_item,
BseStorageRestoreLink  restore_link,
gpointer  data 
selfvalid BseStorage
from_itemlink owner
restore_linkBseStorageRestoreLink handler to be called once the link was resolved
datauser data passed into restore_link()
expected token in case of a parsing error (G_TOKEN_NONE on success)

Parse an item link statement and return the expected token if a parsing error occours. Item links are resolved at the end of the parsing stage by calling the user supplied handler restore_link() with the link target amongst its arguments (see BseStorageRestoreLink()).

Referenced by aux_vector_get().

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