Beast - Music Synthesizer and Composer  0.11.1+10.g2da35
bseundostack.hh File Reference
#include <bse/bseitem.hh>
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struct  BseUndoGroup
struct  BseUndoStack
struct  BseUndoStep


#define BSE_UNDO_STACK_VOID(ustack)


typedef void(* BseUndoNotify) (BseProject *project, BseUndoStack *ustack, gboolean step_added)
typedef void(* BseUndoFunc) (BseUndoStep *ustep, BseUndoStack *ustack)
typedef void(* BseUndoFree) (BseUndoStep *ustep)


BseUndoStack * bse_undo_stack_dummy (void)
BseUndoStack * bse_undo_stack_new (BseProject *project, BseUndoNotify notify)
void bse_undo_stack_limit (BseUndoStack *self, guint max_steps)
void bse_undo_group_open (BseUndoStack *self, const gchar *name)
void bse_undo_stack_ignore_steps (BseUndoStack *self)
void bse_undo_stack_push (BseUndoStack *self, BseUndoStep *ustep)
void bse_undo_stack_push_add_on (BseUndoStack *self, BseUndoStep *ustep)
void bse_undo_stack_unignore_steps (BseUndoStack *self)
void bse_undo_group_close (BseUndoStack *self)
void bse_undo_stack_add_merger (BseUndoStack *self, const gchar *name)
void bse_undo_stack_remove_merger (BseUndoStack *self)
void bse_undo_stack_clear (BseUndoStack *self)
gboolean bse_undo_stack_dirty (BseUndoStack *self)
void bse_undo_stack_clean_dirty (BseUndoStack *self)
void bse_undo_stack_force_dirty (BseUndoStack *self)
void bse_undo_stack_destroy (BseUndoStack *self)
guint bse_undo_stack_depth (BseUndoStack *self)
void bse_undo_stack_undo (BseUndoStack *self)
const gchar * bse_undo_stack_peek (BseUndoStack *self)
BseUndoStep * bse_undo_step_new (BseUndoFunc undo_func, BseUndoFree undo_free, guint n_data_fields)
void bse_undo_step_exec (BseUndoStep *ustep, BseUndoStack *ustack)
void bse_undo_step_free (BseUndoStep *ustep)
gchar * bse_undo_pointer_pack (gpointer item, BseUndoStack *ustack)
gpointer bse_undo_pointer_unpack (const gchar *packed_pointer, BseUndoStack *ustack)
const BseUndoStep * bse_undo_group_peek_last_atom (BseUndoStack *self, SfiTime *stamp_p)