Beast - Music Synthesizer and Composer  0.11.1+10.g2da35
bseutils.hh File Reference
#include <bse/bsedefs.hh>
#include <bse/bseenums.hh>
#include <bse/bseglobals.hh>
#include <bse/bsecompat.hh>
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void bse_cxx_init (void)
Bse::PartNote bse_part_note (uint id, uint channel, uint tick, uint duration, int note, int fine_tune, double velocity, bool selected)
Bse::PartControl bse_part_control (uint id, uint tick, Bse::MidiSignal control_type, double value, bool selected)
void bse_note_sequence_resize (BseNoteSequence *rec, guint length)
guint bse_note_sequence_length (BseNoteSequence *rec)
void bse_property_candidate_relabel (BsePropertyCandidates *pc, const gchar *label, const gchar *tooltip)
void bse_it3m_seq_remove (BseIt3mSeq *iseq, BseItem *item)
SfiRingbse_it3m_seq_to_ring (BseIt3mSeq *iseq)
BseIt3mSeq * bse_it3m_seq_from_ring (SfiRing *ring)
void bse_debug_dump_floats (guint debug_stream, guint n_channels, guint mix_freq, guint n_values, gfloat *values)
double bse_balance_get (double level1, double level2)
void bse_balance_set (double balance, double *level1, double *level2)
Bse::Icon bse_icon_from_pixstream (const Bse::uint8 *pixstream)
gulong bse_id_alloc (void)
void bse_id_free (gulong id)
gchar ** bse_xinfos_add_value (gchar **xinfos, const gchar *key, const gchar *value)
gchar ** bse_xinfos_add_float (gchar **xinfos, const gchar *key, gfloat fvalue)
gchar ** bse_xinfos_add_num (gchar **xinfos, const gchar *key, SfiNum num)
gchar ** bse_xinfos_parse_assignment (gchar **xinfos, const gchar *assignment)
gchar ** bse_xinfos_del_value (gchar **xinfos, const gchar *key)
const gchar * bse_xinfos_get_value (gchar **xinfos, const gchar *key)
gfloat bse_xinfos_get_float (gchar **xinfos, const gchar *key)
SfiNum bse_xinfos_get_num (gchar **xinfos, const gchar *key)
gchar ** bse_xinfos_dup_consolidated (gchar **xinfos, gboolean copy_interns)
gint bse_xinfo_stub_compare (const gchar *xinfo1, const gchar *xinfo2)
guint bse_string_hash (gconstpointer string)
gint bse_string_equals (gconstpointer string1, gconstpointer string2)
Icon Bse::icon_from_pixstream (const guint8 *pixstream)
bool Bse::icon_sanitize (Icon *icon)