Beast - Music Synthesizer and Composer  0.11.1+10.g2da35 File Reference
#include "bstbseutils.hh"
#include "bstutils.hh"
#include ""
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#define BseErrorType


Bse::Error bst_project_restore_from_file (Bse::ProjectH project, const gchar *file_name, bool apply_project_file_name, bool preserve_non_dirty)
Bse::Error bst_project_import_midi_file (Bse::ProjectH project, const gchar *file_name)
const gchar * bst_procedure_get_title (const gchar *procedure)
Bse::Category bst_category_find (const String &pattern)
uint bst_path_leaf_index (const String &path, char separator)
const charBse::error_blurb (Bse::Error error_value)

Function Documentation

uint bst_path_leaf_index ( const String path,
char  separator 

Return the character index of the last string segment not containing separator.

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