Beast - Music Synthesizer and Composer  0.11.1+10.g2da35
bstmsgabsorb.hh File Reference
#include "bstutils.hh"
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void _bst_msg_absorb_config_init (void)
void bst_msg_absorb_config_apply (SfiSeq *seq)
GParamSpec * bst_msg_absorb_config_pspec (void)
gboolean bst_msg_absorb_config_adjust (const gchar *config_blurb, bool enabled, bool update_version)
gboolean bst_msg_absorb_config_match (const gchar *config_blurb)
void bst_msg_absorb_config_update (const gchar *config_blurb)
GtkWidget * bst_msg_absorb_config_box (void)
Bst::MsgAbsorbStringSeq * bst_msg_absorb_config_get_global (void)
void bst_msg_absorb_config_box_set (GtkWidget *box, Bst::MsgAbsorbStringSeq *mass)
Bst::MsgAbsorbStringSeq * bst_msg_absorb_config_box_get (GtkWidget *box)
void bst_msg_absorb_config_save (void)
void bst_msg_absorb_config_load (void)