Beast - Music Synthesizer and Composer  0.11.1+10.g2da35
bstparam.hh File Reference
#include "bstutils.hh"
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BstGMask * bst_param_create_gmask (GxkParam *param, const gchar *editor_name, GtkWidget *parent)
BstGMask * bst_param_create_col_gmask (GxkParam *param, const gchar *editor_name, GtkWidget *parent, guint column)
BstGMask * bst_param_create_span_gmask (GxkParam *param, const gchar *editor_name, GtkWidget *parent, guint column)
GxkParambst_param_new_value (GParamSpec *pspec, GxkParamValueNotify notify, gpointer notify_data)
GxkParambst_param_new_rec (GParamSpec *pspec, SfiRec *rec)
GxkParambst_param_new_object (GParamSpec *pspec, GObject *object)
GxkParambst_param_new_proxy (GParamSpec *pspec, SfiProxy proxy)
void bst_param_set_proxy (GxkParam *param, SfiProxy proxy)
SfiProxy bst_param_get_proxy (GxkParam *param)
bool bst_param_is_proxy (GxkParam *param)
SfiProxy bst_item_seq_list_match (GSList *proxy_seq_slist, const gchar *text)
GxkParambst_param_new_aida_parameter (GParamSpec *pspec, const Rapicorn::Aida::Parameter &aparameter)
void _bst_init_params (void)