Beast - Music Synthesizer and Composer  0.11.1+10.g2da35
bstsplash.hh File Reference
#include "bstutils.hh"
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struct  BstSplash
struct  BstSplashClass


#define BST_SPLASH(object)
#define BST_SPLASH_CLASS(klass)
#define BST_IS_SPLASH(object)
#define BST_IS_SPLASH_CLASS(klass)
#define BST_SPLASH_GET_CLASS(splash)


GtkType bst_splash_get_type (void)
GtkWidget * bst_splash_new (const gchar *role, guint splash_width, guint splash_height, guint max_items)
void bst_splash_set_title (GtkWidget *widget, const gchar *title)
void bst_splash_show_grab (GtkWidget *widget)
void bst_splash_release_grab (GtkWidget *widget)
void bst_splash_set_text (GtkWidget *widget, const std::string &message)
void bst_splash_set_animation (GtkWidget *widget, GdkPixbufAnimation *anim)
void bst_splash_update (void)
void bst_splash_update_entity (GtkWidget *widget, const std::string &message)
void bst_splash_update_item (GtkWidget *widget, const std::string &message)
void bst_splash_animate_strings (GtkWidget *splash, const gchar **strings)