Beast - Music Synthesizer and Composer  0.11.1+10.g2da35 File Reference
#include "bstusermessage.hh"
#include "bstgconfig.hh"
#include "bstmsgabsorb.hh"
#include <string.h>
#include <errno.h>
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const charbst_msg_type_ident (BstMsgType bmt)
void bst_msg_bit_free (BstMsgBit *mbit)
BstMsgBitbst_msg_bit_create (guint8 msg_part_id, const std::string &text)
BstMsgBitbst_msg_bit_create_choice (guint id, const gchar *name, const gchar *stock_icon, const gchar *options)
guint bst_message_handler (const BstMessage *const_msg)
guint bst_message_dialog_display (const char *log_domain, BstMsgType mtype, guint n_bits, BstMsgBit **bits)
void bst_message_dialogs_popdown (void)
void bst_message_connect_to_server (void)

Function Documentation

guint bst_message_dialog_display ( const char log_domain,
BstMsgType  mtype,
guint  n_bits,
BstMsgBit **  bits 


log_domainlog domain
n_bitsnumber of message bits
bitsmessage bits from bst_msg_bit_printf

Present a message dialog to the user. The current value of errno is preserved around calls to this function. Usually this function isn't used directly, but bst_msg_dialog() is called instead which does not require NULL termination of its argument list and automates the log_domain argument. The log_domain indicates the calling module and relates to G_LOG_DOMAIN as used by g_log(). The msg bit arguments passed in form various parts of the log message, the following macro set is provided to construct the parts from printf-style argument lists:

  • BST_MSG_TITLE(): format message title
  • BST_MSG_TEXT1(): format primary message (also BST_MSG_PRIMARY())
  • BST_MSG_TEXT2(): format secondary message, optional (also BST_MSG_SECONDARY())
  • BST_MSG_TEXT3(): format details of the message, optional (also BST_MSG_DETAIL())
  • BST_MSG_CHECK(): format configuration check statement to enable/disable log messages of this type.
  • BST_MSG_CHOICE(): add buttons other than cancel to the message dialog
  • BST_MSG_CHOICE_D(): same as BST_MSG_CHOICE(), for default buttons
  • BST_MSG_CHOICE_S(): same as BST_MSG_CHOICE(), for insensitive buttons This function is MT-safe and may be called from any thread.

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