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Bse::ContainerImpl Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 ContainerImpl (BseObject *)
virtual ItemIfaceP lookup_item (const String &uname) override
virtual ItemIfaceP get_item (const String &item_type, int seq_id) override
virtual ItemSeq list_children ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Bse::SourceImpl
 SourceImpl (BseObject *)
virtual SourceIfaceP ichannel_get_osource (int input_channel, int input_joint) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from Bse::ItemImpl
 ItemImpl (BseObject *)
ContainerImplparent ()
virtual ItemIfaceP common_ancestor (ItemIface &other) override
virtual Icon icon () const override
virtual void icon (const Icon &) override
void push_property_undo (const String &property_name)
template<typename ItemT , typename... FuncArgs, typename... CallArgs>
void push_undo (const String &blurb, ItemT &self, Error(ItemT::*function)(FuncArgs...), CallArgs...args)
template<typename ItemT , typename R , typename... FuncArgs, typename... CallArgs>
void push_undo (const String &blurb, ItemT &self, R(ItemT::*function)(FuncArgs...), CallArgs...args)
template<typename ItemT , typename ItemTLambda >
void push_undo (const String &blurb, ItemT &self, const ItemTLambda &itemt_lambda)
template<typename ItemT , typename ItemTLambda >
void push_undo_to_redo (const String &blurb, ItemT &self, const ItemTLambda &itemt_lambda)
template<class Obj >
UndoDescriptor< Obj > undo_descriptor (Obj &item)
template<class Obj >
Obj & undo_resolve (UndoDescriptor< Obj > udo)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Rapicorn::ObjectImpl
virtual std::string __aida_type_name__ () const
virtual const Rapicorn::Aida::PropertyList__aida_properties__ ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Rapicorn::DataListContainer
void set_data (DataKey< Type > *key, Type data)
Type get_data (DataKey< Type > *key) const
Type swap_data (DataKey< Type > *key, Type data)
Type swap_data (DataKey< Type > *key)
void delete_data (DataKey< Type > *key)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Rapicorn::ContainerIface
virtual WidgetIfacecreate_widget (const std::string &widget_identifier, const StringSeq &args=StringSeq())=0
virtual void remove_widget (WidgetIface &child)=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from Rapicorn::WidgetIface
virtual std::string name () const =0
virtual void name (const std::string &)=0
virtual bool visible () const =0
virtual void visible (bool)=0
virtual bool sensitive () const =0
virtual void sensitive (bool)=0
virtual ColorSchemeType color_scheme () const =0
virtual void color_scheme (ColorSchemeType)=0
virtual std::string hsize_group () const =0
virtual void hsize_group (const std::string &)=0
virtual std::string vsize_group () const =0
virtual void vsize_group (const std::string &)=0
virtual double width () const =0
virtual void width (double)=0
virtual double height () const =0
virtual void height (double)=0
virtual bool hexpand () const =0
virtual void hexpand (bool)=0
virtual bool vexpand () const =0
virtual void vexpand (bool)=0
virtual bool hspread () const =0
virtual void hspread (bool)=0
virtual bool vspread () const =0
virtual void vspread (bool)=0
virtual bool hshrink () const =0
virtual void hshrink (bool)=0
virtual bool vshrink () const =0
virtual void vshrink (bool)=0
virtual double hposition () const =0
virtual void hposition (double)=0
virtual double hspan () const =0
virtual void hspan (double)=0
virtual double vposition () const =0
virtual void vposition (double)=0
virtual double vspan () const =0
virtual void vspan (double)=0
virtual double hanchor () const =0
virtual void hanchor (double)=0
virtual double vanchor () const =0
virtual void vanchor (double)=0
virtual double halign () const =0
virtual void halign (double)=0
virtual double hscale () const =0
virtual void hscale (double)=0
virtual double valign () const =0
virtual void valign (double)=0
virtual double vscale () const =0
virtual void vscale (double)=0
virtual int left_spacing () const =0
virtual void left_spacing (int)=0
virtual int right_spacing () const =0
virtual void right_spacing (int)=0
virtual int bottom_spacing () const =0
virtual void bottom_spacing (int)=0
virtual int top_spacing () const =0
virtual void top_spacing (int)=0
virtual Requisition requisition ()=0
virtual bool match_selector (const std::string &selector)=0
virtual WidgetIfacequery_selector (const std::string &selector)=0
virtual WidgetSeq query_selector_all (const std::string &selector)=0
virtual WidgetIfacequery_selector_unique (const std::string &selector)=0
virtual void data_context (ObjectIface &context)=0
virtual Rapicorn::Aida::Any get_user_data (const std::string &name)=0
virtual std::string test_dump ()=0

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Bse::ItemImpl
typedef std::function< Error(ItemImpl &item, BseUndoStack *ustack)> UndoLambda
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Rapicorn::BaseObject
static std::shared_ptr< Class > shared_ptr (Class *object)

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