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Bse::CxxBase Class Reference
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class  Pointer

Public Member Functions

CxxBaseref ()
void unref ()
void freeze_notify ()
void notify (const gchar *property)
void thaw_notify ()
void set (const gchar *first_property_name,...) G_GNUC_NULL_TERMINATED
void get (const gchar *first_property_name,...) G_GNUC_NULL_TERMINATED
void set_property (guint prop_id, const Value &value, GParamSpec *pspec)
void get_property (guint prop_id, Value &value, GParamSpec *pspec)
gulong connect (const gchar *signal, CxxClosure *closure, bool after)
gulong connect (const gchar *signal, CxxClosure *closure)
const String tokenize_signal (const gchar *signal)
GType type ()
virtual void compat_setup (guint vmajor, guint vminor, guint vmicro)
virtual void restore_finished (guint vmajor, guint vminor, guint vmicro)

Static Public Member Functions

static CxxBasebase_from_gobject (GObject *o)
static void class_init (CxxBaseClass *klass)
static bool instance_is_a (CxxBase *cbase, GType iface_type)
template<class OType >
static OType * value_get_gobject (const GValue *v)
template<class CxxType >
static CxxType value_get_object (const GValue *v)
static void value_set_gobject (GValue *value, gpointer object)
static void value_set_object (GValue *value, const CxxBase *self)
template<class Accepted , class Casted >
static void value_set_casted (GValue *value, const Accepted *obj)
static CxxBase::Pointer cast (CxxBase *c)
static CxxBasecast (GObject *o)
static CxxBasecast (BseSource *o)
static CxxBasecast (BseItem *o)
static CxxBasecast (BseObject *o)

Protected Member Functions

GObject * gobject () const
BseItemitem ()

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