Beast - Music Synthesizer and Composer  0.11.1+10.g2da35
Bse::Sequencer Class Reference

#include <bsesequencer.hh>

Collaboration diagram for Bse::Sequencer:

Public Member Functions

void add_io_watch (uint n_pfds, const GPollFD *pfds, BseIOWatch watch_func, void *watch_data)
void remove_io_watch (BseIOWatch watch_func, void *watch_data)
void start_song (BseSong *song, uint64 start_stamp)
void remove_song (BseSong *song)
bool thread_lagging (uint n_blocks)
void wakeup ()

Static Public Member Functions

static Mutexsequencer_mutex ()
static Sequencerinstance ()

Static Protected Member Functions

static void _init_threaded ()

Detailed Description

Note and MIDI sequencer.

The sequencer processes notes from parts and MIDI input and generates events for the synthesis engine.

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