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Bse::ServerImpl Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 ServerImpl (BseObject *)
virtual TestObjectIfaceP get_test_object () override
virtual ObjectIfaceP from_proxy (int64_t proxyid) override
virtual String get_mp3_version () override
virtual String get_vorbis_version () override
virtual String get_ladspa_path () override
virtual String get_plugin_path () override
virtual String get_script_path () override
virtual String get_instrument_path () override
virtual String get_sample_path () override
virtual String get_effect_path () override
virtual String get_demo_path () override
virtual String get_version () override
virtual String get_custom_effect_dir () override
virtual String get_custom_instrument_dir () override
virtual void save_preferences () override
virtual void register_ladspa_plugins () override
virtual void register_core_plugins () override
virtual void start_recording (const String &wave_file, double n_seconds) override
virtual void register_scripts () override
virtual void load_assets () override
virtual bool preferences_locked () override
virtual int n_scripts () override
virtual bool can_load (const String &file_name) override
virtual ProjectIfaceP create_project (const String &project_name) override
virtual void destroy_project (ProjectIface &project) override
virtual AuxDataSeq list_module_types () override
virtual AuxData find_module_type (const String &module_type) override
virtual Icon module_type_icon (const String &module_type) override
virtual SampleFileInfo sample_file_info (const String &filename) override
virtual NoteDescription note_describe_from_freq (MusicalTuning musical_tuning, double freq) override
virtual NoteDescription note_describe (MusicalTuning musical_tuning, int note, int fine_tune) override
virtual NoteDescription note_construct (MusicalTuning musical_tuning, int semitone, int octave, int fine_tune) override
virtual NoteDescription note_from_string (MusicalTuning musical_tuning, const String &name) override
virtual int note_from_freq (MusicalTuning musical_tuning, double frequency) override
virtual double note_to_freq (MusicalTuning musical_tuning, int note, int fine_tune) override
virtual CategorySeq category_match_typed (const String &pattern, const String &type_name) override
virtual CategorySeq category_match (const String &pattern) override
virtual int64 tick_stamp_from_systime (int64 systime_usecs) override
void send_user_message (const UserMessage &umsg)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Rapicorn::ObjectImpl
virtual std::string __aida_type_name__ () const
virtual const Rapicorn::Aida::PropertyList__aida_properties__ ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Rapicorn::DataListContainer
void set_data (DataKey< Type > *key, Type data)
Type get_data (DataKey< Type > *key) const
Type swap_data (DataKey< Type > *key, Type data)
Type swap_data (DataKey< Type > *key)
void delete_data (DataKey< Type > *key)

Static Public Member Functions

static void register_source_module (const String &type, const String &title, const String &tags, const uint8 *pixstream)
static ServerImplinstance ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Rapicorn::BaseObject
static std::shared_ptr< Class > shared_ptr (Class *object)

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Member Function Documentation

void Bse::ServerImpl::register_source_module ( const String type,
const String title,
const String tags,
const uint8 pixstream 

Register a synthesis module type at program startup.

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