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Bse::TickStamp::Wakeup Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void awake_after (uint64 stamp)
void awake_before (uint64 stamp)
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shared_from_this (T...args)
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Protected Member Functions

 Wakeup (const std::function< void()> &wakeup)

Static Protected Member Functions

static void _emit_wakeups (uint64 wakeup_stamp)

Member Function Documentation

void Bse::TickStamp::Wakeup::awake_after ( uint64  stamp)
stampstamp to trigger wakeup

Wake the current thread up at a future tick increment which exceeds stamp.

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void Bse::TickStamp::Wakeup::awake_before ( uint64  stamp)
stamptick stamp update to trigger wakeup

Wakeup the currently running thread upon the last global tick stamp update (see Bse::TickStamp::current()) that happens prior to updating the global tick stamp to tick_stamp. (If the moment of wakeup has already passed by, the thread is woken up at the next global tick stamp update.)

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