Beast - Music Synthesizer and Composer  0.11.1+10.g2da35 File Reference
#include "bcore.hh"
#include <string.h>
#include <libintl.h>
#include "../config/config.h"
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void g_object_disconnect_any (gpointer object, gpointer function, gpointer data)
gchar ** g_straddv (gchar **str_array, const gchar *new_str)
guint g_strlenv (gchar **str_array)
gchar ** g_strslistv (GSList *slist)
gchar * g_strdup_stripped (const gchar *string)
gchar * g_strdup_rstrip (const gchar *string)
gchar * g_strdup_lstrip (const gchar *string)
const gchar * g_intern_strconcat (const gchar *first_string,...)
GString * g_string_prefix_lines (GString *gstring, const gchar *pstr)
gchar * g_option_concat (const gchar *first_option,...)
gchar * g_option_get (const gchar *option_string, const gchar *option)
gboolean g_option_check (const gchar *option_string, const gchar *option)
void g_param_spec_set_options (GParamSpec *pspec, const gchar *options)
gboolean g_param_spec_check_option (GParamSpec *pspec, const gchar *option)
void g_param_spec_add_option (GParamSpec *pspec, const gchar *option, const gchar *value)
gboolean g_param_spec_provides_options (GParamSpec *pspec, const gchar *options)
const gchar * g_param_spec_get_options (GParamSpec *pspec)
void g_param_spec_set_istepping (GParamSpec *pspec, guint64 stepping)
guint64 g_param_spec_get_istepping (GParamSpec *pspec)
void g_param_spec_set_fstepping (GParamSpec *pspec, gdouble stepping)
gdouble g_param_spec_get_fstepping (GParamSpec *pspec)
void g_param_spec_set_log_scale (GParamSpec *pspec, gdouble center, gdouble base, gdouble n_steps)
gboolean g_param_spec_get_log_scale (GParamSpec *pspec, gdouble *center, gdouble *base, gdouble *n_steps)
gpointer g_slist_pop_head (GSList **slist_p)
GSList * g_slist_append_uniq (GSList *slist, gpointer data)
gpointer g_list_pop_head (GList **list_p)
void g_slist_free_deep (GSList *slist, GDestroyNotify data_destroy)
void g_list_free_deep (GList *list, GDestroyNotify data_destroy)
gchar * g_type_name_to_cname (const gchar *type_name)
gchar * g_type_name_to_sname (const gchar *type_name)
gchar * g_type_name_to_cupper (const gchar *type_name)
gchar * g_type_name_to_type_macro (const gchar *type_name)
bool g_sname_equals (const std::string &s1, const std::string &s2)
GSource * g_source_simple (gint priority, GSourcePending pending, GSourceDispatch dispatch, gpointer data, GDestroyNotify destroy, GPollFD *first_pfd,...)
guint g_predicate_idle_add_full (gint priority, GSourceFunc predicate, GSourceFunc function, gpointer data, GDestroyNotify notify)
guint g_predicate_idle_add (GSourceFunc predicate, GSourceFunc function, gpointer data)
GScanner * g_scanner_new64 (const GScannerConfig *config_templ)
void Bse::installpath_override (const String &topdir)
std::string Bse::installpath (InstallpathType installpath_type)
std::string Bse::version ()
const charBse::bse_gettext_domain ()
const charBse::_ (const char *string)
std::string Bse::_ (const std::string &string)

Function Documentation

bool g_sname_equals ( const std::string s1,
const std::string s2 

Check if s1 is equal to s2, while ignoring separator differences like '-' vs '_'.

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