Beast - Music Synthesizer and Composer  0.11.1+10.g2da35
gslwaveosc.hh File Reference
#include <bse/gsldefs.hh>
#include <bse/gslwavechunk.hh>
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struct  GslWaveOscConfig
struct  GslWaveOscData




void gsl_wave_osc_config (GslWaveOscData *wosc, GslWaveOscConfig *config)
void gsl_wave_osc_reset (GslWaveOscData *wosc)
gboolean gsl_wave_osc_process (GslWaveOscData *wosc, guint n_values, const gfloat *ifreq, const gfloat *mod, const gfloat *sync, gfloat *mono_out)
void gsl_wave_osc_retrigger (GslWaveOscData *wosc, gfloat freq)
void gsl_wave_osc_set_filter (GslWaveOscData *wosc, gfloat freq, gboolean clear_state)
void gsl_wave_osc_init (GslWaveOscData *wosc)
void gsl_wave_osc_shutdown (GslWaveOscData *wosc)
GslLong gsl_wave_osc_cur_pos (GslWaveOscData *wosc)