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gxkcanvas.hh File Reference
#include <gxk/gxkglobals.hh>
#include <libgnomecanvas/libgnomecanvas.h>
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GnomeCanvasPoints * gnome_canvas_points_new0 (guint num_points)
GnomeCanvasPoints * gnome_canvas_points_newv (guint num_points,...)
GnomeCanvasItem * gnome_canvas_typed_item_at (GnomeCanvas *canvas, GtkType item_type, gdouble world_x, gdouble world_y)
gboolean gnome_canvas_item_check_undisposed (GnomeCanvasItem *item)
guint gnome_canvas_item_get_stacking (GnomeCanvasItem *item)
void gnome_canvas_item_keep_between (GnomeCanvasItem *between, GnomeCanvasItem *item1, GnomeCanvasItem *item2)
void gnome_canvas_item_keep_above (GnomeCanvasItem *above, GnomeCanvasItem *item1, GnomeCanvasItem *item2)
void gnome_canvas_text_set_zoom_size (GnomeCanvasText *item, gdouble pixels)
void gnome_canvas_set_zoom (GnomeCanvas *canvas, gdouble pixels_per_unit)
void gnome_canvas_FIXME_hard_update (GnomeCanvas *canvas)

Function Documentation

void gnome_canvas_set_zoom ( GnomeCanvas *  canvas,
gdouble  pixels_per_unit 
canvasvalid GnomeCanvas
pixels_per_unitzoom factor (defaults to 1.0)

This function calls gnome_canvas_set_pixels_per_unit() with its arguments and in addition adjusts the font sizes of all canvas text items where gnome_canvas_text_set_zoom_size() was used before.

void gnome_canvas_text_set_zoom_size ( GnomeCanvasText *  item,
gdouble  pixels 
itemcanvas text item
pixelsdefault font size

Set the default font size in pixels of a canvas text item. The size will be adjusted when the canvas zoomed via gnome_canvas_set_zoom().

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