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gxkled.hh File Reference
#include "gxkutils.hh"
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struct  GxkLed
struct  GxkLedClass


#define GXK_TYPE_LED
#define GXK_LED(object)
#define GXK_LED_CLASS(klass)
#define GXK_IS_LED(object)
#define GXK_IS_LED_CLASS(klass)
#define GXK_LED_GET_CLASS(object)
#define GXK_LED_OFF
#define GXK_LED_RED
#define GXK_LED_CYAN
#define GXK_LED_BLUE


GType gxk_led_get_type (void)
gpointer gxk_led_new (guint color)
void gxk_led_set_color (GxkLed *self, guint rgb_colors)
void gxk_led_set_border_width (GxkLed *self, guint border_width)

Function Documentation

gpointer gxk_led_new ( guint  color)
colorrgb color

Create a new led widget. It's active color can be specified as 24bit RGB color value.

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void gxk_led_set_color ( GxkLed self,
guint  color 
selfvalid GxkLed
colorcolor as RGB byte triple

Set the current led color as 24bit RGB values.

Referenced by gxk_led_new().

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