Beast - Music Synthesizer and Composer  0.11.1+10.g2da35
gxkparam.hh File Reference
#include "gxkutils.hh"
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struct  GxkParam
struct  GxkParamBinding
struct  GxkParamEditorIdent
struct  GxkParamEditor
struct  GxkParamEditorSizes


#define GXK_IS_PARAM(p)


typedef void(* GxkParamUpdateFunc) (GxkParam *param, GtkObject *object)
typedef void(* GxkParamValueNotify) (gpointer notify_data, GxkParam *param)


GxkParamgxk_param_new (GParamSpec *pspec, GxkParamBinding *binding, gpointer user_data)
GxkParamgxk_param_new_constant (GParamSpec *pspec, GxkParamBinding *binding, gpointer user_data)
void gxk_param_update (GxkParam *param)
void gxk_param_start_grouping (GxkParam *param)
void gxk_param_stop_grouping (GxkParam *param)
void gxk_param_add_grab_widget (GxkParam *param, GtkWidget *widget)
void gxk_param_add_object (GxkParam *param, GtkObject *object)
void gxk_param_apply_value (GxkParam *param)
void gxk_param_apply_default (GxkParam *param)
void gxk_param_set_editable (GxkParam *param, gboolean editable)
const gchar * gxk_param_get_name (GxkParam *param)
gchar * gxk_param_dup_tooltip (GxkParam *param)
void gxk_param_set_devel_tips (gboolean enabled)
void gxk_param_destroy (GxkParam *param)
void gxk_object_set_param_callback (GtkObject *object, GxkParamUpdateFunc ufunc)
GxkParamgxk_param_new_value (GParamSpec *pspec, GxkParamValueNotify notify, gpointer notify_data)
GxkParamgxk_param_new_constant_value (GParamSpec *pspec, GxkParamValueNotify notify, gpointer notify_data)
GxkParamgxk_param_new_object (GParamSpec *pspec, GObject *object)
void gxk_param_set_object (GxkParam *param, GObject *object)
GObject * gxk_param_get_object (GxkParam *param)
void gxk_param_register_editor (GxkParamEditor *editor, const gchar *i18n_domain)
void gxk_param_register_aliases (const gchar **aliases)
gchar ** gxk_param_list_editors (void)
guint gxk_param_editor_score (const gchar *editor_name, GParamSpec *pspec)
const gchar * gxk_param_lookup_editor (const gchar *editor_name, GParamSpec *pspec)
GtkWidget * gxk_param_create_editor (GxkParam *param, const gchar *editor_name)
void gxk_param_editor_debug_score (GParamSpec *pspec)
guint gxk_param_create_size_group (void)
void gxk_param_set_sizes (guint size_group, const GxkParamEditorSizes *esizes)
void gxk_param_set_size_group (GxkParam *param, guint size_group)
const GxkParamEditorSizesgxk_param_get_editor_sizes (GxkParam *param)
guint gxk_param_get_digits (gdouble value, guint base)
gboolean gxk_param_entry_key_press (GtkEntry *entry, GdkEventKey *event)
void gxk_param_entry_set_text (GxkParam *param, GtkWidget *entry, const gchar *text)
void gxk_param_entry_connect_handlers (GxkParam *param, GtkWidget *entry, void(*changed)(GtkWidget *, GxkParam *))
gboolean gxk_param_ensure_focus (GtkWidget *widget)
GtkAdjustment * gxk_param_get_adjustment (GxkParam *param)
GtkAdjustment * gxk_param_get_adjustment_with_stepping (GxkParam *param, gdouble pstepping)
GtkAdjustment * gxk_param_get_log_adjustment (GxkParam *param)
GtkAdjustment * gxk_param_get_decibel_adjustment (GxkParam *param)