Beast - Music Synthesizer and Composer  0.11.1+10.g2da35
gxkracktable.hh File Reference
#include <gxk/gxkutils.hh>
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struct  GxkRackTable
struct  GxkRackTableClass


#define GXK_RACK_TABLE(object)
#define GXK_RACK_TABLE_CLASS(klass)
#define GXK_IS_RACK_TABLE(object)
#define GXK_IS_RACK_TABLE_CLASS(klass)
#define GXK_RACK_TABLE_GET_CLASS(object)


GType gxk_rack_table_get_type (void)
gboolean gxk_rack_table_get_child_area (GxkRackTable *self, GtkWidget *child, guint *col, guint *row, guint *hspan, guint *vspan)
void gxk_rack_table_redraw_cells (GxkRackTable *self, guint hcell1, guint vcell1, guint hspan, guint vspan)
gboolean gxk_rack_table_translate (GxkRackTable *self, gint x, gint y, guint *hcell, guint *vcell)
GtkWidget * gxk_rack_table_find_child (GxkRackTable *self, gint x, gint y)
void gxk_rack_table_update_child_map (GxkRackTable *self)
void gxk_rack_table_invalidate_child_map (GxkRackTable *self)
void gxk_rack_table_attach (GxkRackTable *self, GtkWidget *child, guint col, guint row, guint hspan, guint vspan)
void gxk_rack_table_cover_up (GxkRackTable *self)
void gxk_rack_table_uncover (GxkRackTable *self)