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gxkstatusbar.hh File Reference
#include <gxk/gxkutils.hh>
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struct  GxkStatusBar


#define gxk_status_printf(percentage, status_msg, ...)


GtkWidget * gxk_status_bar_create (void)
void gxk_status_enable_error_bell (gboolean enable_error_bell)
void gxk_status_set (gfloat percentage, const gchar *message, const gchar *status_msg)
void gxk_status_clear (void)
void gxk_status_window_push (gpointer widget)
void gxk_status_window_pop (void)
void gxk_status_push_progress_window (gpointer widget)
void gxk_status_pop_progress_window (void)

Function Documentation

GtkWidget* gxk_status_bar_create ( void  )
status bar container

Create a status bar suitable to be packed into windows with status bar support.

void gxk_status_clear ( void  )

Clear the current status bar.

void gxk_status_set ( gfloat  percentage,
const gchar *  message,
const gchar *  status_msg 
percentageprogress percentage
messagemessage to be displayed
status_msgerror status

Set the current status bar message, progress percentage (usually 0% - 100% or one of the special values: GXK_STATUS_ERROR, GXK_STATUS_WAIT, GXK_STATUS_IDLE, GXK_STATUS_IDLE_HINT or GXK_STATUS_PROGRESS) and error status.

void gxk_status_window_pop ( void  )

Pop the most recently pushed window from the status bar window stack.

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void gxk_status_window_push ( gpointer  widget)
widgetstatus bar window

Push a window onto the stack of windows that have the current status bar.