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Bse::Bus Interface Reference


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Public Member Functions

Error ensure_output ()
Error connect_bus (Bus bus)
Error connect_track (Track track)
Error disconnect_bus (Bus bus)
Error disconnect_track (Track track)
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Source ichannel_get_osource (int32 input_channel, int32 input_joint)
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Item common_ancestor (Item other)

Additional Inherited Members

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Detailed Description

Interface for effect stacks and per-track audio signal routing to the master output.

Member Function Documentation

Error Bse::Bus::connect_bus ( Bus  bus)

Add a bus to the input list of a bus.

Error Bse::Bus::connect_track ( Track  track)

Add a track to the input list of a bus.

Error Bse::Bus::disconnect_bus ( Bus  bus)

Remove a bus from the input list of a bus.

Error Bse::Bus::disconnect_track ( Track  track)

Remove a track from the input list of a bus.

Error Bse::Bus::ensure_output ( )

Ensure that a bus has an output connection.

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