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Bse::Project Interface Reference


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Public Member Functions

signal void state_changed (ProjectState newstate)
ProjectState get_state ()
void change_name (String name)
Error play ()
Error activate ()
bool can_play ()
bool is_playing ()
bool is_active ()
void start_playback ()
void stop_playback ()
void deactivate ()
void stop ()
void auto_deactivate (int32 msec_delay)
int32 undo_depth ()
void undo ()
int32 redo_depth ()
void redo ()
void clear_undo ()
void clean_dirty ()
bool is_dirty ()
SuperSeq get_supers ()
Error store_bse (Super super, String file_name, bool self_contained)
Song create_song (String name)
WaveRepo get_wave_repo ()
SoundFontRepo get_sound_font_repo ()
CSynth create_csynth (String name)
MidiSynth create_midi_synth (String name)
MidiNotifier get_midi_notifier ()
void remove_snet (SNet snet)
Error restore_from_file (String file_name)
void inject_midi_control (int32 midi_channel, int32 midi_control, float64 control_value)
Error import_midi_file (String file_name)
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Requisition requisition ()=0

Detailed Description

Projects support loading, saving, playback and act as containers for all other sound objects.

Member Function Documentation

Error Bse::Project::activate ( )

Activate a project, precondition to start playback.

void Bse::Project::auto_deactivate ( int32  msec_delay)

Automatically deactivate a few milliseconds after playback stopped.

bool Bse::Project::can_play ( )

Check whether project playback would makes sense.

void Bse::Project::change_name ( String  name)

Change a project name without recording undo steps.

void Bse::Project::clean_dirty ( )

Clear a project's dirty flags.

void Bse::Project::clear_undo ( )

Delete all recorded undo or redo steps.

CSynth Bse::Project::create_csynth ( String  name)

Create a synthsizer network for this project.

MidiSynth Bse::Project::create_midi_synth ( String  name)

Create a MIDI synthesizer network for this project.

Song Bse::Project::create_song ( String  name)

Create a song for this project.

void Bse::Project::deactivate ( )

Deactivate the project, automatically stop playback.

MidiNotifier Bse::Project::get_midi_notifier ( )

Retrieve the project's midi notifier object.

SoundFontRepo Bse::Project::get_sound_font_repo ( )

Retrieve the project's unique sound font repository.

ProjectState Bse::Project::get_state ( )

Retrieve the current project activation/playback state.

SuperSeq Bse::Project::get_supers ( )

Retrieve all Super type objects of this project.

WaveRepo Bse::Project::get_wave_repo ( )

Retrieve the project's unique wave repository.

Error Bse::Project::import_midi_file ( String  file_name)

Import a song from a MIDI file.

void Bse::Project::inject_midi_control ( int32  midi_channel,
int32  midi_control,
float64  control_value 

Inject a MIDI control event into the project's MIDI receiver.

bool Bse::Project::is_active ( )

Check whether a project is active (currently synthesizing).

bool Bse::Project::is_dirty ( )

Check whether a project needs saving.

bool Bse::Project::is_playing ( )

Check whether a project is currently playing (song sequencing).

Error Bse::Project::play ( )

Activate a project and start project playback (an already playing project is first halted).

void Bse::Project::redo ( )

Redo a previously undone operation in a project.

int32 Bse::Project::redo_depth ( )

Get the number of times redo can be called on the project.

void Bse::Project::remove_snet ( SNet  snet)

Remove an existing synthesizer network from this project.

Error Bse::Project::restore_from_file ( String  file_name)

Load a project from file.

void Bse::Project::start_playback ( )

Start playback in an activated project.

signal void Bse::Project::state_changed ( ProjectState  newstate)

Signal notifies of project state changes.

void Bse::Project::stop ( )

Stop project playback and deactivate project.

void Bse::Project::stop_playback ( )

Stop project playback.

void Bse::Project::undo ( )

Undo a previous operation in a project.

int32 Bse::Project::undo_depth ( )

Check whether a project can perform undo steps.

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