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Bse::SNet Interface Reference


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Public Member Functions

bool supports_user_synths ()
Error can_create_source (String module_type)
Source create_source (String module_type)
Error remove_source (Source module)
signal void port_unregistered ()
group _ ("Playback Settings")
- Public Member Functions inherited from Rapicorn::Widget
Requisition requisition ()=0

Detailed Description

Base interface type for all kinds of synthesis networks.

Member Function Documentation

Error Bse::SNet::can_create_source ( String  module_type)

Check whether inserting a new module into a synthesis network is possible.

Source Bse::SNet::create_source ( String  module_type)

Insert a new module into a synthesis network.

signal void Bse::SNet::port_unregistered ( )

Signal that notifies when a named output port is unregistered.

Error Bse::SNet::remove_source ( Source  module)

Remove an existing module from its synthesis network.

bool Bse::SNet::supports_user_synths ( )

Check whether users may edit synthesis modules of this network.

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