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Bse::Server Interface Reference


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Public Member Functions

signal void user_message (UserMessage umsg)
TestObject get_test_object ()
Object from_proxy (int64 proxyid)
String get_mp3_version ()
String get_vorbis_version ()
String get_ladspa_path ()
String get_plugin_path ()
String get_script_path ()
String get_instrument_path ()
String get_sample_path ()
String get_effect_path ()
String get_demo_path ()
String get_custom_instrument_dir ()
String get_custom_effect_dir ()
String get_version ()
void save_preferences ()
void register_ladspa_plugins ()
void register_core_plugins ()
void register_scripts ()
void load_assets ()
bool preferences_locked ()
int32 n_scripts ()
bool can_load (String file_name)
void start_recording (String wave_file, float64 n_seconds)
Project create_project (String project_name)
void destroy_project (Project project)
AuxDataSeq list_module_types ()
AuxData find_module_type (String module_type)
Icon module_type_icon (String module_type)
SampleFileInfo sample_file_info (String file_name)
NoteDescription note_describe (MusicalTuning musical_tuning, int32 note, int32 fine_tune)
NoteDescription note_describe_from_freq (MusicalTuning musical_tuning, float64 freq)
NoteDescription note_construct (MusicalTuning musical_tuning, int32 semitone, int32 octave, int32 fine_tune)
NoteDescription note_from_string (MusicalTuning musical_tuning, String name)
int32 note_from_freq (MusicalTuning musical_tuning, float64 frequency)
float64 note_to_freq (MusicalTuning musical_tuning, int32 note, int32 fine_tune)
CategorySeq category_match_typed (String pattern, String type_name)
CategorySeq category_match (String pattern)
int64 tick_stamp_from_systime (int64 systime_usecs)

Detailed Description

Main Bse remote origin object.

The Bse::Server object controls the main BSE thread and keeps track of all objects used in the BSE context.

Member Function Documentation

bool Bse::Server::can_load ( String  file_name)

Check whether a loader can be found for a wave file.

CategorySeq Bse::Server::category_match ( String  pattern)

List BSE categories according to a pattern match.

CategorySeq Bse::Server::category_match_typed ( String  pattern,
String  type_name 

List BSE categories according to a pattern and type match.

Project Bse::Server::create_project ( String  project_name)

Create a new project (name is modified to be unique if necessary.

void Bse::Server::destroy_project ( Project  project)

Destroy a previously created new project.

AuxData Bse::Server::find_module_type ( String  module_type)

Retrieve info about a Source type names.

Object Bse::Server::from_proxy ( int64  proxyid)

Find an Object from its associated BseObject proxy id.

String Bse::Server::get_custom_effect_dir ( )

Retrieve user specific effects directory.

String Bse::Server::get_custom_instrument_dir ( )

Retrieve user specific instruments directory.

String Bse::Server::get_demo_path ( )

Retrieve demo search path.

String Bse::Server::get_effect_path ( )

Retrieve effect search path.

String Bse::Server::get_instrument_path ( )

Retrieve instrument search path.

String Bse::Server::get_ladspa_path ( )

Retrieve ladspa search path.

String Bse::Server::get_mp3_version ( )

Retrieve BSE MP3 handler version.

String Bse::Server::get_plugin_path ( )

Retrieve plugin search path.

String Bse::Server::get_sample_path ( )

Retrieve sample search path.

String Bse::Server::get_script_path ( )

Retrieve script search path.

TestObject Bse::Server::get_test_object ( )

Retrieve object for API, signal, etc tests.

String Bse::Server::get_version ( )

Retrieve BSE version.

String Bse::Server::get_vorbis_version ( )

Retrieve BSE Vorbis handler version.

AuxDataSeq Bse::Server::list_module_types ( )

A list of Source type names for create_source().

void Bse::Server::load_assets ( )

Register plugins and scripts immediately.

Icon Bse::Server::module_type_icon ( String  module_type)

Retrieve the icon associated with a module type.

int32 Bse::Server::n_scripts ( )

Return the number of scripts currently running on this server.

NoteDescription Bse::Server::note_construct ( MusicalTuning  musical_tuning,
int32  semitone,
int32  octave,
int32  fine_tune 

Describe a note, given its semitone, octave and fine tune.

NoteDescription Bse::Server::note_describe ( MusicalTuning  musical_tuning,
int32  note,
int32  fine_tune 

Describe a note, providing information about its octave, semitone, frequency, etc.

int32 Bse::Server::note_from_freq ( MusicalTuning  musical_tuning,
float64  frequency 

Retrieve the note of a certain frequency.

NoteDescription Bse::Server::note_from_string ( MusicalTuning  musical_tuning,
String  name 

Describe a note, given its name and octave offset.

float64 Bse::Server::note_to_freq ( MusicalTuning  musical_tuning,
int32  note,
int32  fine_tune 

Retrieve the frequency of a certain note.

bool Bse::Server::preferences_locked ( )

Returns whether the bse-preferences property is currently locked against modifications or not.

void Bse::Server::register_core_plugins ( )

Register core plugins asynchronously, DEPRECATED.

void Bse::Server::register_ladspa_plugins ( )

Register LADSPA (Linux Audio Developer's Simple Plugin API) plugins asynchronously, DEPRECATED.

void Bse::Server::register_scripts ( )

Register external scripts asynchronously, DEPRECATED.

SampleFileInfo Bse::Server::sample_file_info ( String  file_name)

Load sample file info from file.

void Bse::Server::save_preferences ( )

Save the bse-preferences property to disk.

void Bse::Server::start_recording ( String  wave_file,
float64  n_seconds 

Start recording to a WAV file.

int64 Bse::Server::tick_stamp_from_systime ( int64  systime_usecs)

Helper for Wave PCM positioning.

signal void Bse::Server::user_message ( UserMessage  umsg)

Notification signal for user messages from BSE.

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