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Bse::Song Interface Reference


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Public Member Functions

SongTiming get_timing (int32 tick)
Track find_any_track_for_part (Part part)
Bus create_bus ()
void remove_bus (Bus bus)
Part create_part ()
void remove_part (Part part)
Track create_track ()
void remove_track (Track track)
Bus ensure_master_bus ()
void ensure_track_links ()
Track find_track_for_part (Part part)
Bus get_master_bus ()
void synthesize_note (Track track, int32 duration, int32 note, int32 fine_tune, float64 velocity)
group _ ("Timing")
group _ ("Tuning")
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bool supports_user_synths ()
Error can_create_source (String module_type)
Source create_source (String module_type)
Error remove_source (Source module)
signal void port_unregistered ()
group _ ("Playback Settings")
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Requisition requisition ()=0

Detailed Description

Interface for Track and Part objects, as well as meta data for sequencing.

Member Function Documentation

Bus Bse::Song::create_bus ( )

Create a new mixer bus for a Song.

Part Bse::Song::create_part ( )

Create a new Part in a Song.

Track Bse::Song::create_track ( )

Create a new Track for a Song.

Bus Bse::Song::ensure_master_bus ( )

Retrieve master output bus of a song, will create one if it doesn't exist.

void Bse::Song::ensure_track_links ( )

Ensure that each part in a song is inserted into at least one track.

Track Bse::Song::find_any_track_for_part ( Part  part)

Find the first track that contains part, suitable to check for orphan parts.

Track Bse::Song::find_track_for_part ( Part  part)

Find a track suitable for playing notes of a given part.

Bus Bse::Song::get_master_bus ( )

Retrieve master output bus of a song if it exists.

SongTiming Bse::Song::get_timing ( int32  tick)

Retrieve song timing information at a specific tick.

void Bse::Song::remove_bus ( Bus  bus)

Delete a mixer bus from a Song.

void Bse::Song::remove_part ( Part  part)

Delete a Part from a Song.

void Bse::Song::remove_track ( Track  track)

Delete a Track from a Song.

void Bse::Song::synthesize_note ( Track  track,
int32  duration,
int32  note,
int32  fine_tune,
float64  velocity 

Synthesize a note on a song of an active project.

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