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Bse::Track Interface Reference


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Public Member Functions

SongTiming get_timing (int32 tick)
int32 insert_part (int32 tick, Part part)
void remove_tick (int32 tick)
void remove_link (int32 id)
PartSeq list_parts_uniq ()
TrackPartSeq list_parts ()
Part get_part (int32 tick)
int32 get_last_tick ()
Error ensure_output ()
Source get_output_source ()
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Source ichannel_get_osource (int32 input_channel, int32 input_joint)
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Item common_ancestor (Item other)

Additional Inherited Members

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Detailed Description

Interface for sequencing information and links to Part objects.

Member Function Documentation

Error Bse::Track::ensure_output ( )

Ensure the track has an output connection to a bus.

int32 Bse::Track::get_last_tick ( )

Retrieve the last tick for this track.

Source Bse::Track::get_output_source ( )

Get the output module of a track.

The output of this module is the merged result from all polyphonic voices and has all track specific alterations applied.

Part Bse::Track::get_part ( int32  tick)

Get the part starting at a specific tick position.

SongTiming Bse::Track::get_timing ( int32  tick)

Retrieve song timing information at a specific tick.

int32 Bse::Track::insert_part ( int32  tick,
Part  part 

Insert Part into Track at tick, returns the corresponding link id.

TrackPartSeq Bse::Track::list_parts ( )

List parts scheduled in a track, sorted by tick.

PartSeq Bse::Track::list_parts_uniq ( )

List all parts contained in a track.

void Bse::Track::remove_link ( int32  id)

Remove a specific part link by ID from a track.

void Bse::Track::remove_tick ( int32  tick)

Remove Part at specified tick from a track.

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