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Bse::Wave Interface Reference


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Public Member Functions

float64 chunk_get_mix_freq (int32 chunk_index)
float64 chunk_get_osc_freq (int32 chunk_index)
int32 n_wave_chunks ()
EditableSample use_editable (int32 chunk_index)
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Source ichannel_get_osource (int32 input_channel, int32 input_joint)
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Item common_ancestor (Item other)

Additional Inherited Members

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Detailed Description

Interface for PCM wave samples.

Member Function Documentation

float64 Bse::Wave::chunk_get_mix_freq ( int32  chunk_index)

Retrieve mixing frequency of a wave chunk.

float64 Bse::Wave::chunk_get_osc_freq ( int32  chunk_index)

Retrieve oscillating frequency of a wave chunk.

int32 Bse::Wave::n_wave_chunks ( )

Get the number of wave chunks of a wave.

EditableSample Bse::Wave::use_editable ( int32  chunk_index)

Retrieve an editable sample object for a wave chunk.

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