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sficomport.hh File Reference
#include <sfi/sfitypes.hh>
#include <sfi/sfiring.hh>
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struct  SfiComPort
struct  SfiComPortLink




typedef void(* SfiComPortClosedFunc) (SfiComPort *port, void *close_data)


SfiComPortsfi_com_port_from_pipe (const gchar *ident, gint remote_input, gint remote_output)
SfiComPortsfi_com_port_from_child (const gchar *ident, gint remote_input, gint remote_output, gint remote_pid)
void sfi_com_port_create_linked (const gchar *ident1, std::function< void()> wakeup1, SfiComPort **port1, const gchar *ident2, std::function< void()> wakeup2, SfiComPort **port2)
SfiComPortsfi_com_port_ref (SfiComPort *port)
void sfi_com_port_unref (SfiComPort *port)
void sfi_com_port_send (SfiComPort *port, const GValue *value)
void sfi_com_port_send_bulk (SfiComPort *port, SfiRing *value_ring)
GValue * sfi_com_port_recv (SfiComPort *port)
GValue * sfi_com_port_recv_blocking (SfiComPort *port)
GPollFD * sfi_com_port_get_poll_fds (SfiComPort *port, guint *n_pfds)
gboolean sfi_com_port_io_pending (SfiComPort *port)
void sfi_com_port_process_io (SfiComPort *port)
void sfi_com_port_set_close_func (SfiComPort *port, SfiComPortClosedFunc func, gpointer close_data)
void sfi_com_port_close_remote (SfiComPort *port, gboolean terminate_child)
void sfi_com_port_reap_child (SfiComPort *port, gboolean kill_child)
gboolean sfi_com_port_test_reap_child (SfiComPort *port)