Beast - Music Synthesizer and Composer  0.11.1+10.g2da35
sficxx.hh File Reference
#include <sfi/sfi.hh>
#include <string>
#include <string.h>
#include <new>
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class  Sfi::SfiString
struct  Sfi::GNewable
class  Sfi::RecordHandle< Type >
class  Sfi::Sequence< Type >
struct  Sfi::Sequence< Type >::CSeq
class  Sfi::FBlock
class  Sfi::BBlock
class  Sfi::Rec
class  Sfi::ObjectHandle
struct  Sfi::Init




typedef SfiBool Sfi::Bool
typedef SfiInt Sfi::Int
typedef SfiNum Sfi::Num
typedef SfiReal Sfi::Real


enum  InitializationType { INIT_NULL, INIT_EMPTY, INIT_DEFAULT }


template<typename SeqType >
SeqType Sfi::cxx_value_get_boxed_sequence (const GValue *value)
template<typename SeqType >
void Sfi::cxx_value_set_boxed_sequence (GValue *value, const SeqType &self)
template<typename Type >
void Sfi::cxx_boxed_to_rec (const GValue *src_value, GValue *dest_value)
template<typename Type >
void Sfi::cxx_boxed_from_rec (const GValue *src_value, GValue *dest_value)
template<typename SeqType >
void Sfi::cxx_boxed_to_seq (const GValue *src_value, GValue *dest_value)
template<typename SeqType >
void Sfi::cxx_boxed_from_seq (const GValue *src_value, GValue *dest_value)
template<typename Type >
RecordHandle< Type > Sfi::cxx_value_get_rec (const GValue *value)
template<typename Type >
void Sfi::cxx_value_set_rec (GValue *value, const RecordHandle< Type > &self)
template<typename SeqType >
SeqType Sfi::cxx_value_get_seq (const GValue *value)
template<typename SeqType >
void Sfi::cxx_value_set_seq (GValue *value, const SeqType &self)