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sfiglueproxy.hh File Reference
#include <sfi/sfiglue.hh>
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#define sfi_glue_signal_connect(p, s, f, d)
#define sfi_glue_signal_connect_swapped(p, s, f, d)


typedef void(* SfiProxyDestroy) (gpointer data, SfiProxy destroyed_proxy)




const gchar * sfi_glue_proxy_iface (SfiProxy proxy)
gboolean sfi_glue_proxy_is_a (SfiProxy proxy, const gchar *type)
void sfi_glue_proxy_connect (SfiProxy proxy, const gchar *signal,...) G_GNUC_NULL_TERMINATED
void sfi_glue_proxy_disconnect (SfiProxy proxy, const gchar *signal,...) G_GNUC_NULL_TERMINATED
gboolean sfi_glue_proxy_pending (SfiProxy proxy, const gchar *signal, GCallback callback, gpointer data)
void sfi_glue_proxy_set_qdata_full (SfiProxy proxy, GQuark quark, gpointer data, GDestroyNotify destroy)
gpointer sfi_glue_proxy_get_qdata (SfiProxy proxy, GQuark quark)
gpointer sfi_glue_proxy_steal_qdata (SfiProxy proxy, GQuark quark)
void sfi_glue_proxy_weak_ref (SfiProxy proxy, SfiProxyDestroy weak_notify, gpointer data)
void sfi_glue_proxy_weak_unref (SfiProxy proxy, SfiProxyDestroy weak_notify, gpointer data)
void sfi_glue_proxy_set (SfiProxy proxy, const gchar *prop,...) G_GNUC_NULL_TERMINATED
void sfi_glue_proxy_get (SfiProxy proxy, const gchar *prop,...) G_GNUC_NULL_TERMINATED
void sfi_glue_proxy_set_property (SfiProxy proxy, const gchar *prop, const GValue *value)
const GValue * sfi_glue_proxy_get_property (SfiProxy proxy, const gchar *prop)
GParamSpec * sfi_glue_proxy_get_pspec (SfiProxy proxy, const gchar *name)
SfiSCategory sfi_glue_proxy_get_pspec_scategory (SfiProxy proxy, const gchar *name)
const gchar ** sfi_glue_proxy_list_properties (SfiProxy proxy, const gchar *first_ancestor, const gchar *last_ancestor, guint *n_props)
gulong sfi_glue_signal_connect_data (SfiProxy proxy, const gchar *signal, gpointer sig_func, gpointer sig_data, GClosureNotify sig_data_destroy, GConnectFlags connect_flags)
gulong sfi_glue_signal_connect_closure (SfiProxy proxy, const gchar *signal, GClosure *closure, gpointer search_data)
void sfi_glue_signal_disconnect (SfiProxy proxy, gulong connection_id)
gboolean _sfi_glue_proxy_watch_release (SfiProxy proxy)
void _sfi_glue_proxy_processed_notify (guint notify_id)
void _sfi_glue_context_clear_proxies (SfiGlueContext *context)
void _sfi_glue_proxy_dispatch_event (SfiSeq *event)
GQuark sfi_glue_proxy_get_signal_quark (const gchar *signal)
void sfi_glue_proxy_cancel_matched_event (SfiSeq *event, SfiProxy proxy, GQuark signal_quark)