Beast - Music Synthesizer and Composer  0.11.1+10.g2da35
sfiprimitives.hh File Reference
#include <sfi/sfivalues.hh>
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struct  SfiBBlock
struct  SfiFBlock
struct  SfiSeq
struct  SfiRec


#define sfi_bblock_copy_shallow
#define sfi_fblock_copy_shallow
#define sfi_seq_copy_shallow
#define sfi_rec_copy_shallow


SfiBBlock * sfi_bblock_new (void)
SfiBBlock * sfi_bblock_new_sized (guint size)
SfiBBlock * sfi_bblock_ref (SfiBBlock *bblock)
void sfi_bblock_unref (SfiBBlock *bblock)
void sfi_bblock_resize (SfiBBlock *bblock, guint size)
SfiBBlock * sfi_bblock_copy_deep (const SfiBBlock *bblock)
void sfi_bblock_append (SfiBBlock *bblock, guint n_bytes, const guint8 *bytes)
void sfi_bblock_append1 (SfiBBlock *bblock, guint8 byte0)
guint sfi_bblock_length (const SfiBBlock *bblock)
guint8 * sfi_bblock_get (const SfiBBlock *bblock)
SfiFBlock * sfi_fblock_new (void)
SfiFBlock * sfi_fblock_new_sized (guint size)
SfiFBlock * sfi_fblock_new_foreign (guint n_values, gfloat *values, GFreeFunc freefunc)
SfiFBlock * sfi_fblock_ref (SfiFBlock *fblock)
void sfi_fblock_unref (SfiFBlock *fblock)
void sfi_fblock_resize (SfiFBlock *fblock, guint size)
SfiFBlock * sfi_fblock_copy_deep (const SfiFBlock *fblock)
void sfi_fblock_append (SfiFBlock *fblock, guint n_values, const gfloat *values)
void sfi_fblock_append1 (SfiFBlock *fblock, gfloat float0)
guint sfi_fblock_length (const SfiFBlock *fblock)
gfloat * sfi_fblock_get (const SfiFBlock *fblock)
SfiSeq * sfi_seq_new (void)
SfiSeq * sfi_seq_ref (SfiSeq *seq)
void sfi_seq_unref (SfiSeq *seq)
SfiSeq * sfi_seq_copy_deep (const SfiSeq *seq)
void sfi_seq_append (SfiSeq *seq, const GValue *value)
GValue * sfi_seq_append_empty (SfiSeq *seq, GType value_type)
void sfi_seq_clear (SfiSeq *seq)
guint sfi_seq_length (const SfiSeq *seq)
GValue * sfi_seq_get (const SfiSeq *seq, guint index)
gboolean sfi_seq_check (SfiSeq *seq, GType element_type)
gboolean sfi_seq_validate (SfiSeq *seq, GParamSpec *pspec)
void sfi_seq_append_bool (SfiSeq *seq, SfiBool v_bool)
void sfi_seq_append_int (SfiSeq *seq, SfiInt v_int)
void sfi_seq_append_num (SfiSeq *seq, SfiNum v_num)
void sfi_seq_append_real (SfiSeq *seq, SfiReal v_real)
void sfi_seq_append_string (SfiSeq *seq, const gchar *string)
void sfi_seq_append_choice (SfiSeq *seq, const gchar *choice)
void sfi_seq_append_bblock (SfiSeq *seq, SfiBBlock *bblock)
void sfi_seq_append_fblock (SfiSeq *seq, SfiFBlock *fblock)
void sfi_seq_append_pspec (SfiSeq *seq, GParamSpec *pspec)
void sfi_seq_append_seq (SfiSeq *seq, SfiSeq *v_seq)
void sfi_seq_append_rec (SfiSeq *seq, SfiRec *rec)
void sfi_seq_append_proxy (SfiSeq *seq, SfiProxy proxy)
SfiBool sfi_seq_get_bool (SfiSeq *seq, guint index)
SfiInt sfi_seq_get_int (SfiSeq *seq, guint index)
SfiNum sfi_seq_get_num (SfiSeq *seq, guint index)
SfiReal sfi_seq_get_real (SfiSeq *seq, guint index)
const gchar * sfi_seq_get_string (SfiSeq *seq, guint index)
const gchar * sfi_seq_get_choice (SfiSeq *seq, guint index)
SfiBBlock * sfi_seq_get_bblock (SfiSeq *seq, guint index)
SfiFBlock * sfi_seq_get_fblock (SfiSeq *seq, guint index)
GParamSpec * sfi_seq_get_pspec (SfiSeq *seq, guint index)
SfiSeq * sfi_seq_get_seq (SfiSeq *seq, guint index)
SfiRec * sfi_seq_get_rec (SfiSeq *seq, guint index)
SfiProxy sfi_seq_get_proxy (SfiSeq *seq, guint index)
gchar ** sfi_seq_to_strv (SfiSeq *seq)
SfiSeq * sfi_seq_from_strv (gchar **strv)
SfiSeq * sfi_seq_from_cstrv (const gchar **strv)
SfiRec * sfi_rec_new (void)
SfiRec * sfi_rec_ref (SfiRec *rec)
void sfi_rec_unref (SfiRec *rec)
SfiRec * sfi_rec_copy_deep (SfiRec *rec)
void sfi_rec_swap_fields (SfiRec *rec, SfiRec *swapper)
gboolean sfi_rec_validate (SfiRec *rec, SfiRecFields fields)
void sfi_rec_clear (SfiRec *rec)
void sfi_rec_set (SfiRec *rec, const gchar *field_name, const GValue *value)
GValue * sfi_rec_get (SfiRec *rec, const gchar *field_name)
GValue * sfi_rec_forced_get (SfiRec *rec, const gchar *field_name, GType gtype)
guint sfi_rec_n_fields (const SfiRec *rec)
GValue * sfi_rec_field (const SfiRec *rec, guint index)
gboolean sfi_rec_check (SfiRec *rec, SfiRecFields rfields)
void sfi_rec_sort (SfiRec *rec)
void sfi_rec_set_bool (SfiRec *rec, const gchar *field_name, SfiBool v_bool)
void sfi_rec_set_int (SfiRec *rec, const gchar *field_name, SfiInt v_int)
void sfi_rec_set_num (SfiRec *rec, const gchar *field_name, SfiNum v_num)
void sfi_rec_set_real (SfiRec *rec, const gchar *field_name, SfiReal v_real)
void sfi_rec_set_string (SfiRec *rec, const gchar *field_name, const gchar *string)
void sfi_rec_set_choice (SfiRec *rec, const gchar *field_name, const gchar *choice)
void sfi_rec_set_bblock (SfiRec *rec, const gchar *field_name, SfiBBlock *bblock)
void sfi_rec_set_fblock (SfiRec *rec, const gchar *field_name, SfiFBlock *fblock)
void sfi_rec_set_pspec (SfiRec *rec, const gchar *field_name, GParamSpec *pspec)
void sfi_rec_set_seq (SfiRec *rec, const gchar *field_name, SfiSeq *seq)
void sfi_rec_set_rec (SfiRec *rec, const gchar *field_name, SfiRec *v_rec)
void sfi_rec_set_proxy (SfiRec *rec, const gchar *field_name, SfiProxy proxy)
SfiBool sfi_rec_get_bool (SfiRec *rec, const gchar *field_name)
SfiInt sfi_rec_get_int (SfiRec *rec, const gchar *field_name)
SfiNum sfi_rec_get_num (SfiRec *rec, const gchar *field_name)
SfiReal sfi_rec_get_real (SfiRec *rec, const gchar *field_name)
const gchar * sfi_rec_get_string (SfiRec *rec, const gchar *field_name)
const gchar * sfi_rec_get_choice (SfiRec *rec, const gchar *field_name)
SfiBBlock * sfi_rec_get_bblock (SfiRec *rec, const gchar *field_name)
SfiFBlock * sfi_rec_get_fblock (SfiRec *rec, const gchar *field_name)
GParamSpec * sfi_rec_get_pspec (SfiRec *rec, const gchar *field_name)
SfiSeq * sfi_rec_get_seq (SfiRec *rec, const gchar *field_name)
SfiRec * sfi_rec_get_rec (SfiRec *rec, const gchar *field_name)
SfiProxy sfi_rec_get_proxy (SfiRec *rec, const gchar *field_name)