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sfitests.hh File Reference
#include <sfi/sfi.hh>
#include <rapicorn-test.hh>
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#define TICK()
#define TACK()
#define TEST_CALIBRATION(target_ms, CODE)


template<class... Args>
void test_error (const char *format, const Args &...args)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define TEST_CALIBRATION (   target_ms,

Macro for test repetitions needed to benchmark in the order of milliseconds.

TEST_CALIBRATION() - This macro is used to calculate the number of repetitions needed for execution of a test routine, so that the total duration is long enough to be measured by a timer with millisecond resolution like gettimeofday(). Given an upper test duration bound, this macro will return the number of inner loop repetitions needed for benchmarking a piece of code. Estimated run time: the calibration process should take somewhat less than MIN (max_calibration_time, (target_ms * 2 * 7)) milliseconds.

  • target_ms - expected total test runtime for RUNS * dups * testfunc_time
  • max_calibration_time - expected upper bound for test calibration runtime In this macro, "dups" is calculated appropriately for max_calibration_time, and scaled upon return to match target_ms accordingly.

Function Documentation

template<class... Args>
void test_error ( const char format,
const Args &...  args 

Issue a printf-like message and abort the program with a breakpoint.

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