Beast - Music Synthesizer and Composer  0.11.1+10.g2da35
sfitypes.hh File Reference
#include <sfi/bcore.hh>
#include <sfi/sfiwrapper.hh>
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struct  SfiRecFields
struct  SfiConstants


#define SFI_MAXINT
#define SFI_MININT
#define SFI_MAXNUM
#define SFI_MINNUM
#define SFI_START_ARGS()
#define SFI_END_ARGS()
#define SFI_END_ARGS1(a)
#define SFI_END_ARGS2(a, b)
#define SFI_END_ARGS3(a, b, c)


typedef bool SfiBool
typedef gint SfiInt
typedef long long int SfiNum
typedef long long int SfiTime
typedef SfiInt SfiNote
typedef double SfiReal
typedef const gchar * SfiChoice
typedef ssize_t SfiProxy
typedef struct _SfiUStore SfiUStore
typedef struct _SfiUPool SfiUPool
typedef struct _SfiPPool SfiPPool


gboolean sfi_choice_match_detailed (const gchar *choice_val1, const gchar *choice_val2, gboolean l1_ge_l2)
gboolean sfi_choice_match (const gchar *choice_val1, const gchar *choice_val2)
gchar * sfi_strdup_canon (const gchar *identifier)
guint sfi_constants_get_index (guint n_consts, const SfiConstants *rsorted_consts, const gchar *constant)
const gchar * sfi_constants_get_name (guint n_consts, const SfiConstants *consts, guint index)
gint sfi_constants_rcmp (const gchar *canon_identifier1, const gchar *canon_identifier2)
const charsfi_category_concat (const char *prefix, const char *trunk)