Beast - Music Synthesizer and Composer  0.11.1+10.g2da35
BseMainArgs Struct Reference
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Public Attributes

uint n_processors
uint wave_chunk_padding
uint wave_chunk_big_pad
uint dcache_block_size
uint dcache_cache_memory
uint midi_kammer_note
double kammer_freq
const charpath_binaries
const charbse_rcfile
const charoverride_plugin_globs
const charoverride_script_path
const charoverride_sample_path
bool stand_alone
bool allow_randomization
bool force_fpu
bool load_core_plugins
bool load_core_scripts
bool debug_extensions
bool load_drivers_early
bool dump_driver_list
int latency
int mixing_freq
int control_freq

Member Data Documentation

bool BseMainArgs::allow_randomization

Initialization argument "allow-randomization" - enables non-deterministic behavior.

bool BseMainArgs::debug_extensions

Initialization argument "debug-extensions" - enable debugging extensions.

bool BseMainArgs::force_fpu

Initialization argument "force-fpu" - avoid vectorized optimizations.

bool BseMainArgs::load_core_plugins

Initialization argument "load-core-plugins" - enable core plugin bootup.

bool BseMainArgs::load_core_scripts

Initialization argument "load-core-scripts" - enable core script bootup.

bool BseMainArgs::stand_alone

Initialization argument "stand-alone" - no rcfiles, boot scripts, etc.

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