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Bse::Value Struct Reference
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Public Member Functions

bool get_bool () const
SfiInt get_int () const
SfiInt get_enum () const
SfiNum get_num () const
SfiReal get_real () const
const charget_string () const
const charget_choice () const
gpointer get_pointer () const
CxxBaseget_base () const
GObject * get_object () const
GParamSpec * get_pspec () const
GValue * gvalue () const
void set_bool (bool b)
void set_int (SfiInt i)
void set_enum (SfiInt e)
void set_num (SfiNum n)
void set_real (SfiReal r)
void set_string (const char *s)
void set_string (const String &s)
void set_choice (const char *c)
void set_pointer (gpointer p)
void set_base (CxxBase *b)
void set_object (GObject *o)
void set_pspec (GParamSpec *p)
void operator= (bool b)
void operator= (SfiInt i)
void operator= (SfiNum n)
void operator= (SfiReal r)
void operator= (const String &s)

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