Beast - Music Synthesizer and Composer  0.11.1+10.g2da35
GxkScrollCanvasClass Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for GxkScrollCanvasClass:

Public Attributes

GtkContainerClass parent_class
GdkEventMask canvas_events
GdkEventMask top_panel_events
GdkEventMask left_panel_events
GdkEventMask right_panel_events
GdkEventMask bottom_panel_events
guint double_buffer_window: 1
guint double_buffer_canvas: 1
guint double_buffer_top_panel: 1
guint double_buffer_left_panel: 1
guint double_buffer_right_panel: 1
guint double_buffer_bottom_panel: 1
guint auto_clear: 1
guint grab_focus: 1
guint hscrollable: 1
guint vscrollable: 1
guint n_colors
const GdkColor * colors
gchar * image_file_name
GdkColor image_tint
gdouble image_saturation
GSList * realized_widgets
void(* get_layout )(GxkScrollCanvas *self, GxkScrollCanvasLayout *layout)
void(* set_scroll_adjustments )(GxkScrollCanvas *self, GtkAdjustment *hadjustment, GtkAdjustment *vadjustment)
void(* update_adjustments )(GxkScrollCanvas *self, gboolean hadj, gboolean vadj)
void(* adjustment_changed )(GxkScrollCanvas *self, GtkAdjustment *adj)
void(* reallocate_contents )(GxkScrollCanvas *self, gint xdiff, gint ydiff)
void(* draw_window )(GxkScrollCanvas *self, GdkWindow *drawable, GdkRectangle *area)
void(* draw_canvas )(GxkScrollCanvas *self, GdkWindow *drawable, GdkRectangle *area)
void(* draw_top_panel )(GxkScrollCanvas *self, GdkWindow *drawable, GdkRectangle *area)
void(* draw_left_panel )(GxkScrollCanvas *self, GdkWindow *drawable, GdkRectangle *area)
void(* draw_right_panel )(GxkScrollCanvas *self, GdkWindow *drawable, GdkRectangle *area)
void(* draw_bottom_panel )(GxkScrollCanvas *self, GdkWindow *drawable, GdkRectangle *area)
void(* draw_marker )(GxkScrollCanvas *self, GdkWindow *drawable, GdkRectangle *area, GxkScrollMarker *marker)
void(* handle_drag )(GxkScrollCanvas *self, GxkScrollCanvasDrag *drag, GdkEvent *event)

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