Beast - Music Synthesizer and Composer  0.11.1+10.g2da35
BstWaveEditor Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for BstWaveEditor:

Public Attributes

GtkVBox parent_object
GtkWidget * main_vbox
GxkListWrapper * chunk_wrapper
GtkWidget * tree
GtkWidget * qsampler_parent
GtkWidget * gmask_parent
GtkAdjustment * zoom_adjustment
GtkAdjustment * vscale_adjustment
Bst::QSamplerDrawMode draw_mode
guint playback_length
guint auto_scroll_mode
GtkWidget * preview_on
GtkWidget * preview_off
guint playback_marker
SfiNum tick_stamp
guint pcm_pos
gdouble pcm_per_tick
SfiProxy wave
SfiProxy esample
guint esample_open: 1
guint ignore_playpos: 1
GtkWidget * qsampler_hscroll
GtkWidget * qsampler_playpos
guint n_qsamplers
BstQSampler ** qsamplers

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