Beast - Music Synthesizer and Composer  0.11.1+10.g2da35
GslWaveChunk Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for GslWaveChunk:

Public Attributes

GslDataCache * dcache
GslLong length
gint n_channels
GslLong n_pad_values
GslLong wave_length
guint pploop_ends_backwards: 1
guint mini_loop: 1
GslWaveLoopType loop_type
GslLong loop_first
GslLong loop_last
guint loop_count
GslWaveChunkMem head
GslWaveChunkMem enter
GslWaveChunkMem wrap
GslWaveChunkMem ppwrap
GslWaveChunkMem leave
GslWaveChunkMem tail
GslLong leave_end_norm
GslLong tail_start_norm
GslWaveLoopType requested_loop_type
GslLong requested_loop_first
GslLong requested_loop_last
guint requested_loop_count
guint ref_count
guint open_count
gfloat mix_freq
gfloat osc_freq
gdouble volume_adjust
gdouble fine_tune_factor

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