Beast - Music Synthesizer and Composer  0.11.1+10.g2da35
SfiComWire Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for SfiComWire:

Public Attributes

gchar * ident
gpointer owner
guint connected: 1
guint remote_input_broke: 1
guint remote_output_broke: 1
guint standard_input_broke: 1
guint standard_output_broke: 1
guint standard_error_broke: 1
SfiComDispatch dispatch_func
gpointer dispatch_data
GDestroyNotify destroy_data
GList * orequests
GList * iresults
GList * irequests
GList * rrequests
gint remote_input
gint remote_output
gint standard_input
gint standard_output
gint standard_error
gint remote_pid
GString * gstring_stdout
GString * gstring_stderr
guint8 * ibuffer
guint8 * ibp
guint8 * ibound
guint8 * obuffer
guint8 * obp
guint8 * obound

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